apexart Inbound Residency Program

The apexart Inbound Residency invites creative individuals from all over the world to come to New York for their first time to participate in an educational and cultural immersion program where they spend one month exploring the city, visiting institutions, meeting with professionals in various fields, sitting in on classes, attending events, and much more. The main idea is to fill the resident’s mind with as many ideas and experiences as we can so they have new inspiration to bring to their work and life when they return home.

Selected residents are provided with airfare, an apartment, a cell phone, and a computer with Internet access. The apexart Residency Program differs from standard studio-based residencies in that we do not provide a studio for our visiting artists and furthermore, we ask them to suspend artistic production during their stay. Instead, residents live in an apartment located in central Manhattan and are given a rigorous daily schedule to follow, which introduces them to institutions and events throughout the city that take them out of their focused activities and hopefully provide unexpected new experiences that act as catalysts, adding new ideas and approaches to their current and future work. The idea behind this model is to simulate someone moving to a new city to experience all the discovery and exploration that accompanies it.

Sorry, applications are not accepted for this program.